What it Means To Be a Partner

Partnership with Nation of Women Ministries, Inc.

Partnership is about coming into unity: each member, each partner bringing his or her individual supply. Partnership is shown in the New Testament in that we are one body, made up of various members (partners), working together as one body to a common end. Jesus Christ is the head of that Body and God created the body to go where the head leads.  The head of this ministry is also Jesus Christ and operates in the path God has set before us.


This ministry works through partnership, each partner bringing their supply to obtain the goal. Partnership is not about money, it is about coming into a position where you touch others lives bringing the needed changes. When you stand together with us in prayer, and we stand with you, our partnership mission becomes one. Every life that’s touched is a life we reached together.


What is asked of you?

  • Prayer: faith –filled, targeted prayers about getting the word of freedom out to all who need it.
  • Help spread information about this ministry – friends, neighbors, your social media, etc.
  • Connected to, but not a part of, this ministry is Nation of Women Publishing, Inc. The books authored by the founder of this ministry and the publishing company, Cindy Neathery, all contribute to personal freedom within the Body of Christ. We also assist other authors in their God-given book assignments. You are asked to share information about these books as well.
  • Walk in love towards this ministry and those associated with it. Love draws, so walking in love for this ministry will draw others to it as well.
  • Your attendance at meetings or retreats is appreciated, though not required.
  • Financial: If the Lord leads you at any time to sow a financial seed into this ministry, it is good ground you are sowing into. 100-fold return will be prayed over any seed sown into this ministry.  A monthly financial commitment is appreciated but not required for partnership.

Benefits of Partnership

  • You will share in the Teaching and Preaching anointings and other spiritual giftings of this ministry.
  • Be a part of others fulfilling their own plan God has for them.
  • You will be given advance notice of new publications through Nation of Women Publishing.
  • Given advance notice of meetings and conferences.
  • Prayer team will pray over you, God’s plan for your life, and all seed sown.
  • Annual update on all ministry activities, made available by email.

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