About Nation
of Women Ministries

The Purpose is to bring a nation of women into who they truly are in Christ Jesus through the truth of the living Word, leading lives that bring Glory to God.

The Mission Statement of Nation of Women Ministries, Inc is to preach and teach the living Word of God to the nations with truth, honor and integrity so as to bring individual enlightenment, development and encouragement into their lives as they strive to fulfill God’s plan for them. In all that we do and wherever we go, may the Love and Grace of God be evident in touching hearts and changing lives.

This ministry has been birthed though a deep desire to help other people to be free of all that entangles them in their daily lives. Many years ago the Lord told me, “I have shown you, now you will show them”. He has brought me into a freedom I didn’t realize, at the time, I needed. Most of my personal entanglements were hidden deep within me, unnoticed in my daily thoughts, but reflected in my daily life. The process of uncovering and healing the hidden things of the heart is what the Lord referred to as “the journey within.”  My prayer for you is also to be free of the encumbrances in your life as you begin your own “journey within”.

This ministry is a fulfillment of my life’s motto: “Touching Hearts and Changing Lives”.

My love for people has grown enormously as I have grown in my personal walk of love, as Jesus commands us to do. Through many difficult situations and trials, God’s love has always prevailed and brought me through.

It is my desire for each and every person to be who God has for them to be, walking out the path of the plan He has for their lives, accomplishing every purpose along that path. Nothing can stop God’s plan for you but you. Through the process of becoming who you are intended to be, my desire is for you to discover that plan and how it really can come to pass.

We are all created to be in a close relationship with our heavenly Father. I pray these teachings will assist you in growing closer to our Father and coming into higher places in His Kingdom. It’s all about relationship – He is waiting for you to desire His presence as much as He desires your presence. My prayer for each one is that your life is changed forever and your heart will never be the same again.

As you are blessed by these teachings, please share with others you know for this ministry to grow into a “Nation of Women” aware of who they are in Christ Jesus – living lives, managing families, and operating businesses as the Godly women the Lord has for them to be.

I am so grateful for all God has done in me and in bringing this ministry into being. I give all glory and honor to God!

*This ministry is non-denomination.

Cindy Neathery

Founder | President

It has always been in my heart to help people and make a difference for having been there.   That has been the goal throughout my life in everything I did. Helping people to have freedom in their lives is very dear to me.

With a background in sales and management, being on the path the Lord had for me was not part of my conscious thoughts. Little did I know then, everything I did was leading up to and preparing me for this Life Adventure called “God’s plan”.  Being a minister, teacher of the Gospel, author, and publisher were not in the future I saw for myself. 

It was when I stopped listening to other people’s opinions and living in their expectations of who I should be and what I should do or not do that I began the transformation process into who God had for me to be.

It is my hope that the teachings of my ministry and the Christian books coming through my publishing company will bring you hope to inspire and encourage you to be free to follow God’s plan for your life as well.

Even though God is first place in my life, I enjoy spending time with my family (daughters and grandchildren), doing several hobbies and volunteering at my home church.

The process to become free is well worth the effort – you are worth it!

Be Blessed,


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